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"Only those who passed have reached immortality"
Andrzej Majewski
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This website is a first attempt to gather and present the information about the origins and history of the Cybulski family. I cordially encourage all the people interested in tracking back their roots to collaboration and information exchange. The research so far allowed to reconstuct the several branches of the Cybulski family that originate in Kujawy (West Prussia - Prusy Zachodnie) and in Wolhynia (Easter Borderland - Kresy Wschodnie). It appears that there are thousands of people in the Cybulski line spread all around the world. The have different names like Cebulski, Cebula, Zweibel or Seibyl and can be found from the east coast of US, through Europe to Russian Siberia. However, they all have only one origin, the two places in Poland. The roots of Cybulski are supposed to be in the willeges Cybulin and Cybulice in the central Poland. See for more in the   History  section. I hope that by joining our efforts we can bring all the Cybulski family branches together and track them back to our common ancestors from Cybulin and Cybulice.   Send me an email right now  if you are interested in the genealogy and you would like to help me.

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